Sound familiar?

Your Day was Over Before it Began

You woke up on the right side of the bed and cruised to work bumping your 'Walk like a Boss' playlist.

You were ready to seize the day.

BUT then you unpacked your bag and discovered...your soup leaked (again!) all over everything everywhere!



If only you had a rü...

surprise! savings!

packing a lunch can save you big

committing to a packed lunch just once per week for a year can save you $300 to $500.

that's $1500 to $2500 if you pack lunch everyday!

supporting a sustainable lifestyle

for you and the planet

your average bought lunch involves 5-10 single use items.

that's 1200 to 2400 each year, and it's why bought lunches are a significant contributor to the 300 million tons of yearly waste North Americans create.


1% of all proceeds are donated to our charity partner Mealshare

learn more about Mealshare


proudly made in Canada

our drama-free guarantee

so you can worry about the important stuff like what's for lunch

✔️free shipping on orders of $75 or more

grab a bag for you and a pal and we'll take care the shipping cost

✔️free exchanges

grabbed the wrong colour? just let us know!

✔️free returns

you have 30 days to decide*

*for more info, please check out our

rüturn policy

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