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You’ve got a wild, on-the-go lifestyle and you can’t afford setbacks. 

So why, may I ask, do you play Russian Roulette everyday. By putting your lunch straight into your bag with your laptop, wallet, and precious pictures of loved ones?

Oh sure, you’ve been burned once or twice.

Your soup leaked, but your bag only smells like onions a little bit.

Your salad dressing spilled, but it only stained the bottom so no one really notices.

Guess what? You’re playing with fire, and sooner or later you’re going to get burned. 

Welcome to the jüngle. 

This isn't just a lunch bag (that will make your friends P, B, and Jealous), this is peace of mind. Because you'll know your stuff is safe from that leaky lunch that’s just around the corner. 

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spill-resistant: these bags will contain all but the most egregious spills

machine washable: on cold + hang dry

made from recycled materials: oeko-Tex® Standard 100  made from GRS Gold Level certified recycled yarn

ethically and sustainably made: manufactured in Vancouver, BC

1% of all proceeds donated to our charity partner Mealshare 


Dimensions: 12" wide X 14" tall X 3" deep (has a bit of stretch to accommodate large/awkward containers)

Composition: 97% recycled polyester, 3% spandex. 

Certification: Oeko-Tex® Standard 100, Made from GRS Gold Level certified recycled yarn

Washing: Machine wash cold. Hang dry.

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