mïnty fresh



The kid’s lunch bag looks like a war zone (again). How do they manage to make such a monumental mess from some veggie sticks and a sandwich?

...They don’t even get pudding anymore...


They don't get pudding ever again.

You set to work on cleaning like the truly amazing human you are. But you can’t do it. Literally.

This lunch bag has been soiled one too many times..there’s no way to wipe this gunk off. It’s...apart of the bag now.

Let’s face it. We aren't talking about your kids' lunch bag here. Do you even have children? Doesn't matter. Because guess what?

You don’t need to keep adding to the lunch bag graveyard anymore.

Now you can keep it fresh with a mïnty fresh lunch bag that's built to last. Oh! And you can throw it in the washing machine. ✨

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spill-resistant: these bags will contain all but the most egregious spills

machine washable: on cold + hang dry

made from recycled materials: oeko-Tex® Standard 100  made from GRS Gold Level certified recycled yarn

ethically and sustainably made: manufactured in Vancouver, BC

1% of all proceeds donated to our charity partner Mealshare 


Dimensions: 12" wide X 14" tall X 3" deep (has a bit of stretch to accommodate large/awkward containers)

Composition: 97% recycled polyester, 3% spandex. 

Certification: Oeko-Tex® Standard 100, Made from GRS Gold Level certified recycled yarn

Washing: Machine wash. Hang dry.

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