rü is having a back to                                               campaign.

As you might imagine, back to school is a traditionally busy time for lunch bag makers.

girl using ru supply co bananas lunch bag

Whether or not you're going back to school, folks usually buy a lunch bag around this time. Maybe it's ingrained from school?

This year though, we don't just want to promote our lunch bags. We want to promote mindful decision-making.

Because we are all going back to something.





Above and beyond everything else we want folks to strive for less. Less stuff. Less waste. Less stress.

That's why we encourage you to take a lunch to work or school. Because of the amount of waste it reduces.

So on the one hand, buying a rü means one more belonging. But if you use it frequently, it saves thousands upon thousands of single-use disposable items from being wasted each year. 

A lunch bag isn't going to save the world. But small things, done by lots of people, will. 

But before you run off to buy a rü (or before you make any other purchase for that matter), please consider the following questions.

1. Do I need it?

lunch bag for girls

Either you can't live without it, or life would be considerably worse without it

2. Will I use it for years to come?

Ideally the things we buy will last greater than 10 years or cost less than $1 per use.

3. Can I afford it?

If you can double the price and still buy it comfortably, then you can afford it. 

4. What is the net impact on the planet?

Taking into consideration the energy required to make the product and get it to you; the waste it offsets when you use it; the waste it creates when you're through with it; and any other positive or negative externalities.

5. Who profits from my purchase? What "Normal" do they support?

Are your dollars going towards an honest small business bolstering the economy? Or are they funding fast fashion, discrimination, and environmental degradation? Choose sustainable, ethical, and socially responsible.

three lunch bags one blue marble, one marble, one sea foam