Remember last time you brought lunch to work?

All those funny looks you got?

Lets face it, you’ve got it going on my friend. But your lunch bag game is holding you back.

You come into work toting that clunky box that looks better suited for heavy machinery than your Buddha Bowl and banana. And it's like, your boss wants to give you a promotion, but can't out of principle. 

But…with a marbelüs rü things would be different.

You'll know you’re only packing a half-eaten can of spaghetti-Os, but your coworkers won't be able to tell. To them, you’re packing style, simplicity, and sophistication for lunch.

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spill-resistant: these bags will contain all but the most egregious spills

machine washable: on cold + hang dry

made from recycled materials: oeko-Tex® Standard 100  made from GRS Gold Level certified recycled yarn

ethically and sustainably made: manufactured in Vancouver, BC

1% of all proceeds donated to our charity partner Mealshare 


Dimensions: 12" wide X 14" tall X 3" deep (has a bit of stretch to accommodate large/awkward containers)

Composition: 97% recycled polyester, 3% spandex. 

Certification: Oeko-Tex® Standard 100, Made from GRS Gold Level certified recycled yarn

Washing: Machine wash. Hang dry.

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